Sunday, 20 July 2014

Joy of Your Presence

You will show me the way of life,
granting me the joy of your presence 
and the pleasures of living with you forever.
Psalm 16:11 New Living Translation

I Love Your Presence by Vineyard Worship

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Blessings to your week, 


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of Psalm 16:11 for you

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Friday, 18 July 2014

Getaway to Sejerø

We had a lovely getaway to Sejerø with some good friends of ours. Sejerø is a charming, tiny island (12,4 km2) in the Kattegat sea. It takes about 40 minutes to sail to Sejerø from the town of Havnsø in Zealand. 

There is only 400 inhabitants in Sejerø - in the summertime though more, since the summer guests, staying in the summerhouses and in the sailing boats in the harbour, are visiting and staying in this beautiful island.

The island is long and narrow ... We visited the eastern tip of the island - finding interesting stones and also a small skeleton - of a fish, a rabbit or a 
bird? We saw a deer running across the narrow road - also many swallows that had build their nests on little holes on the top of the sandy hills.

Our friend picked up this stone: What does it remind you of?

Birds started their evening concert, as we sat outside and had a barbecue ... Witnessing the sun go down behind the fields was beautiful, while hearing the waves from the sea, and feeling the warmth of summer & fellowship.

 ...Weekend greetings,


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Five Things by The World Around Her
1440 by Finding Serenpidity

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Editing photo background with mobile textures

I received the pretty bouquet above last Friday. It is made by my talented colleague - she had both picked the flowers from the nature and bind them to a bouquet herself! 

I wanted to make a Still Life photo of this colourful bouquet - being at work, iPhone was the only camera I had. I placed the flowers on my working desk in front of a white board, close to a window on the left - so the light fell naturally from the left side on the flowers.

This is how I proceeded with the editing:

  • I adjusted the brightness, contrast, ambiance and warmth in the "tune image"-function in the Snapseed application (app).
  •  Then I blurred the background: I made the overall image blurred in Tadaa SLR-app. I then applied the blurred image on top of the non-blurred image in Image Blender-app, masking the bouquet so it stayed sharp.
  • The frames of the white board disturbed the otherwise balanced photo, so I wanted to remove them using the "retouch"-function in Handy Photo-app. I removed also the corner of a wooden chair from the lower left corner.
  • The Tadaa SLR-app removed the upper board line, but it also left a yellow area on the top right corner. So I used Image Blender, layering the left upper corner of the photo on top of the right one. Now I was satisfied with the overall image. The vague white board line in the lower right side didn't bother me - Actually I wanted to keep it, as a memory that the photo was taken on my the last day at the office.
  • Now I started adding mobile textures, to give the background a delicate, painterly effect. I received a set of beautiful textures that match size wise mobile phone cameras by 2 Lil' Owls, as a part of a phone photography-course iPhoneography with Bob Veil, which I have enrolled and look forward of immersing myself in this summer. 
  • I used both ImageBlender, PhotoFusion & Filterstorm-apps to add the texture layers with - Image Blender and Photo Fusion has 18 blending modes you can select from, Filterstorm has 16 blending modes.

You can see my editing process in the video below: 

The bouquet is in our kitchen, bringing the scent of summer inside. The flowers create a delightful colour spot, bringing the scent of summer inside! 

I took a picture of them and my "Butter Sun" on Sunday, as I was baking cinnamon rolls. To create a dreamy blur and some depth of field to the images, I took it to the Focal Lab-app, where I added a soft focus effect. I created the pretty polaroid frame to this photo with Polamatic app, that also enables you to add text with 36 different fonts.

Sun is shining again ... I hope to find some wildflowers, 
so I might learn to bind a summer bouquet myself!

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

His Light

The Lord is God,
    and he has made his light shine on us.
Psalm 118:27

Julie True: I Need You Lord, Meet Me Here

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Blessings to your week, 


Here's a printable
of Psalm 118:27 for you

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Photo: iPhone 5, Picture+ & Snapseed Apps 

African Rhythms and Summer Landscapes

The weather has been sunny and warm this week - Thursday was the warmest day this summer, the temperature reached up to +30 C / +86 F. 
I have enjoyed the summer feeling on the evening walks - either in the forest, where my husband and the boys are running, or by the nearby lake.

It's been rather warm in the office - Open windows help a lot, thought. 
On Thursday morning I invited my colleagues to a "Farewell-Breakfast" - It was so nice that many had the possibility to join ... 
I cherish the nice words and speech I received - hiding them in my heart - Being thankful of the people I have gotten to know,  and everything I have learned and been able to experience during the last 5 years.

I received a beautiful bouquet from a sweet colleague of mine on Friday - She had bind it together herself! (I'll post a picture in colours next week :) Packing the office down in Friday took longer than I expected, sorting out what would be important to save, what should be thrown out takes time.
New adventures at the new work are awaiting after the summer holidays ...

We celebrated the 16th birthday of our oldest son in Friday, eating out at his favourite restaurant Wagamama, which has a Japanese kitchen. He invited some friends along ... Cake and family celebration continued on Saturday. 
I'm thankful for our boys - the time goes so fast! ... Watching them and their cousin yesterday - A bunch of lovely & wonderful teenagers :)

We listened to lively rhythms and special instruments yesterday at Skt. Hans Square, where King Ayisoba from Ghana played with his band at Copenhagen Jazz Festival:

"King Ayisoba is one of Ghana's most powerful music profiles. He is touring this year for the first time in the West with a full band of singers, musicians and energetic dancers home. 
The traditional music is based on a stringed lute called kologo. Accompanied by his brother, who plays on a special North Ghanesian hunting horns, King Ayisoba has created its own bony kind of blues filled with occupied rhythms, call and response vocals and raucous beauty."(

The weather took a drastic change to rain and cooler temperatures - well, I have a few good books that I've been looking forward to read - books and rainy days are a very good combination!

Wishing you a lovely weekend and happy holidays!


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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Joyful in Hope

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12

You are my joy - Mike Winger

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Blessings to your week, 


Here's a printable
of Romans 12:12 for you

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Photo: iPhone 5, Picture+ & Snapseed Apps, 
Photo Veil Privet from the Botanical Collection  by Love That Shot, Texture 2811Magic by Kim Klassen

Friday, 4 July 2014

Forest Find

It is Friday and the weekend has started! I have been biking to work a few times this week (that is, biking to the train, and from the train to work :) ... It is a pleasure to bike, even these small distances.

I found this little bug in the forest, on this white flower the other day - It would be nice to get a "bug book" to get to know the names of the colourful insects. 

The weather forecast says that this will be a warm weekend - maybe even some rain and thunder ... Let's see!

Wishing you a great weekend 
Happy 4th of July to all the friends 
on the other side of the Atlantic!


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